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Super Tuesday speeches and social media updates

Donald Trump has won the GOP primaries in Vermont, Arkansas, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Georgia, while Ted Cruz took Texas and Oklahoma, and Marco Rubio won Minnesota; Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic races in Massachusetts, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee and Bernie Sanders took Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Vermont. We're awaiting results for Alaska and American Samoa. There are 661 Republican and 865 Democratic delegates across 12 states and one U.S. territory up for grabs tonight.

    Cruz speaks in Texas after winning home state and Oklahoma

    "In 324 days, Marine 1 will depart Washington, D.C. with a very important dignitary on board, former president Barack Obama. .. Jan 20, 2017 will be Obama's last day in office and on that day we will have a new president of the United States. Tonight, this campaign enters a new phase. We began with 17 GOP candidates ... tonight was another decision point and the voters have spoken."

    "Tomorrow morning we have a choice. So long as the field remains divided, Trump's path to the nomination remains likely and that would be a disaster for conservatives and the nation.

    Our campaign is the only campaign that has beat, can beat and will beat Donald Trump... We've beaten him once, twice, three times."

    "Republicans, together we have a choice ... for the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, I ask you to come together and unite. We welcome you on our team ... that is the only way to defeat Donald Trump."

    "Head-to-head, our campaign beats Donald Trump resoundingly .. but for that to happen, we must come together."

    "As president, I will repeal every word of Obamacare. Donald Trump promises to cut deals with Democrats and continue Washington cronyism ... I will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfare."

    "As president, I will not be neutral ... America will stand unapologetically with Israel."

    "Donald Trump has been part of Washington corruption for 40 years."

    "Together, we will repeal Obamacare ,abolish the IRS, pull back the EPA regulators who killing small businesses ... and the results will be small businesses exploding, millions of high-paying jobs, wages go up and young people coming out of school two, three, four and five job offers."

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