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New Hampshire Primary for 2016 Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won the primary Tuesday night. See highlights from their victory speeches and Clinton's concession speech, and more updates from New Hampshire.

    Trump delivers victory speech

    Trump began by thanking his family including his deceased parents: "I have to begin by paying homage to my parents who are up there, looking down. They love this country and they are very happy now."

    "We have some real talent in the Republican party."

    "We want to thank the people of N.H. Do we love the people of N.H.? It's so beautiful ... and I think they actually like me."

    "N.H. we are not going to forget you. You started it."

    "When I came out I heard the end of Bernie's speech .... we have to congratulate him.  He wants to give away our country but we're not going to let it happen."

    "We are going to make America great again but we're going to do it the old fashioned way ... we're going to beat China."

    "We are going to do something so good and so fast the world is going to respect us again, believe me."

    He referred to self-funding his campaign and said: "I see all this money being poured into commercials ... these are special interests, lobbyists that don't have the best interest of our country at heart. When you see the kind of deals made in our country because the politicians ... they are making them for their benefit."

    Our military is going to be "so big, so strong, so powerful that nobody is going to mess with us."

    "We are going to take care of our vets  .. they are treated horribly."

    "We are going to have strong, incredible borders ... people are going to come into our country legally." We are going to build a wall. It's not even a difficult thing to do."

    "N.H. you have a tremendous problem with drugs .. heroin ... we are going to end it at the southern border."

    "We have thousands of people outside who can't even get in," he said referring to the crowd of supporters.

    "We are getting rid of Common Core."

    "We are going to repeal and replace Obamacare. It's a disaster."

    "There's not going to be anymore chipping away of the second amendment."

    "We're going to knock the hell out of ISIS."

    'We're going to take care of the economy, jobs, health care, our border ..."

    Sanders delivers victory speech

    "Because of a huge voter turnout, we won. Because we harnessed the energy and the excitement that the Democratic party will need to succeed in November. What happened here in N.H. in terms of an aroused and enthusiastic electorate ... that is what will happen all over this country.

    "We will not accept a rigged economy."

    After congratulating Clinton, he said "I hope in the days ahead we can continue to wage a strong issue oriented campaign and bring new people into the political process. But I also hope that we all remember ... we will need to come together to unite this party and this nation because the  right wing Republicans we oppose must not be allowed to gain the presidency.'

    "The last time Republicans occupied the White House their trickle-down economic policies drove us into the worst economic downturn since the Depression of the 1930s

    "I do not have a super PAC and I do not want a super PAC ... our campaign's financial support comes from more than 1 million Americans  .. and more individual contributions that any candidate in any election in history."

    "I am going to New York City tonight ... but I'm not going to NYC to hold fundraiser on Wall Street. Instead I'm going to hold a fundraiser right here, right now across America," he said, while directing viewers to his website. "Please help us raise the funds we need to take the fight to Nevada, South Carolina and the states on Super Tuesday."

    "Our great country was based on simple principle of fairness .. when the top one tenth of 1 percent now owns almost as much as the bottom 90 percent that's not fair. Together we are going to create an economy that works for us, not just the 1 percent and when millions of our people are working for starvation wages we are going to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and we are going to bring pay equity for women."

    "Yes, we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free" and "substantially ease
     burden" of college debt.

    "My critics say ... how you going to pay for it? We are going to impose a tax on Wall Street speculation. The greed and recklessness of Wall Street drove our economy to its needs, the American people bailed out Wall Street and now it's Wall Street's time to help the middle class."

    "Not only are we going to fight to end institutional racism and a broken criminal justice system, we are going to provide jobs and education for our young people, not jails and incarceration."

    "The debate is over, climate change is real, it is caused by human activity and it is already causing devastating problems in this country and around the world. We have a moral responsibility to ... transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainability."

    "When we make it to the White House
    , the pharmaceutical industry will not continue to rip off the American people. "I believe in a Medicare for all single-payer program which will not only guarantee health care for all but will also save the average middle class family thousands of dollars per year."

    "I will defend this nation but will do so responsibly ... I voted against the war in Iraq and that was the right vote ...
    We can not and should not be the police men of the world."

    "We must strengthen and expand social security ... so people can live in dignity in their retirement."

    "We must rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and when we do we create millions of good-paying jobs."

    He also spoke of defending women's rights, gay rights and to "protect the right of the women to control their body."

    "What voters confirmed here in N.H. tonight is nothing short of a political revolution."
    "We are going to make our country so strong, we are going to start winning again ... we don't win anymore on trade, ISIS ... and we are going to win so much you are going to be so happy.  We are going to make America so great again, maybe greater than ever before."

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