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  • Snow survival tips:

    Photo credit: Howard Schnapp

    Who to call in a weather emergency
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  • On the bright side, there are 150 days until summer. Not that we're counting...

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  • I paid my daughter a dollar to get my Newsday this morning. #parenting

  • Snow-related closings/cancellations: 


    Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano announced this morning that all county offices are open to the public today. Activities and classes within the Nassau County Parks system, as well as the Nassau County Aquatic Center, will reopen today at noon. County courts will reopen at 11 a.m.

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  • Last Time Islip (KISP) hit below zero was January 15th 1988, 7 below. We hit Zero on Jan 4th 2014. We have a chance tonight if winds go calm
  • Newsday Opinion: The riddle of the disappearing snow shovels

    Photo credit: Gordon M. Grant | Sag Harbor Village Public Works employees Jason Prieston, left, and Peter Landi, shovel the sidewalk in front of the Sag Harbor Fire Department on Main Street in Sag Harbor during the snow storm. (Jan. 2, 2014) 

    Flocks of people rush out to buy shovels. Stores are quickly stripped clean of them. New supplies have to be rushed in.
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  • Updates from Newsday reporter Brittany Wait:

    Out in the cold to check on #Selden, one of the hardest hit by snow - 14 inches #LISnow
    by Brittany Wait via
    My car was covered by at least four inches of snow, but much of it blew off #LISnow
    by Brittany Wait via
    Quite a lot of snow fall on the Island - #LISnow
    by Brittany Wait via
    Hawkins Rd & Middle Country Rd near #Centereach is plowed & pretty clear - #LISnow
    by Brittany Wait via

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     With hundreds of flights cancelled at three New York metropolitan area airports Wednesday, air travelers faced another rough day ahead.

    At Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, however, operations returned to normal Wednesday with only one cancelled flight, a shuttle to Boston, said Inez Birbiglia, a spokeswoman for the airport. She said Pen Airlines preemptively cancelled the flight Tuesday evening.

    The coastal storm that snarled traffic and wreak havoc for air travelers dropped a total of 11.2 inches of snow at MacArthur, shutting down the airport’s two runways for about 10 hours, from about 7 p.m. Tuesday to 5: 30 a.m. Wednesday. Employees worked all night to clear the snow off runways, taxiways and ramps throughout Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

    “There was so much snow on runways and there was so 
    much accumulation,” she said. “They plowed all night. It was non-stop all evening.

    The first scheduled flight out of MacArthur Wednesday, an 11:35 a.m. Southwest flight to sunny Orlando, Fla., took off on time, Birbiglia said. - CHAU LAM

    The Port Authority was reporting 166 flight cancellations at JFK, 366 at LaGuardia and 284 at Newark, late Wednesday morning and said airlines are working to begin to get back to normal operations this afternoon.

    For inclement weather information at LaGuardia, JFK and Newark, visit
    For Islip MacArthur flights, contact the individual airlines.

    Allegiant Air: 702-505-8888
    Pen Air: 800-448-4226
    Southwest: 800-435-9792
    US Airways: 800-428-4322

    Is your flight canceled today?

    Photo credit: FlightStats 

    Find flight delays and cancellations here
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  • Updates from New York officials:

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  • PSEG: PSEG Long Island is reporting 9 outages, affecting less than 15 people in Babylon, Brookhaven, East Hampton, Hempstead, North Hempstead, and Rockaway Peninsula.

    Check the latest outages:

    Photo credit: J. Conrad Williams Jr. | A PSEG-Long Island truck in Hicksville. The switch from LIPA to PSEG-Long Island went "very well," said Dave Daly, president and COO of PSEG-Long Island. 

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  • Long Island community update:

    Just in from Rockville Centre:

    Photo Credit: John Dunn 
    Robert Lusak, library director for the Smithtown Special Library District, said the snow did not keep a steady flow of people away from the district's four libraries in Nesconset, Commack, Smithtown and Kings Park.

    "We were definitely getting used on a day like this. It wasn't dead in any of our buildings," said Lusak.

    "The town and county trucks that were out on the main roads did a great job at clearing the snow, so library patrons who wanted to could access any one of our buildings," he said, adding that attendance was also bolstered by the fact that area school districts were closed.

    All district libraries that typically open at 10 a.m. had a delayed opening at noon on Wednesday due to inclement weather, said Lusak.

    Those libraries also closed early at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, as the storm began pummeling what turned into about a foot of snow across town.

    A contractor plowed library parking lots Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday morning, but library custodians cleared sidewalks and walkways with snow blowers and rock salt, said Lusak, adding, "We were ready."

    Still, Lusak said the greatest challenge posed by the storm was clearing the parking lots.

    "When the plows remove the snow, they aren't dry as a bone," he said. "The temperatures were freezing all day and you don't want the surfaces to freeze because that's bad for everyone. The library is concerned for the well-being of our library users and our staff as well. We don't want to put anybody in a dangerous situation where they could get hurt." -- LAUREN R. HARRISON


    Photo credit: File Photo by James A. Escher 

    The day of the storm, residents--including Jenna Martuscello, 22, of Westhampton Beach-- came out in droves to mourn the death of Cory Hubbard, 22, a Westhampton native killed last Friday in a hit-and-run accident near the University of Maryland in College Park, Md.

    Hubbard was a senior at the university studying kinesiology. His viewing was Tuesday. The tribute included a salute to Hubbard on the football field of Westhampton Beach High School.

    Martuscello, who was a year behind Hubbard's brother, Kyle,24, at Westhampton Beach High and a year ahead of Cory said, "It was really an outpouring of support."

    Cory Hubbard's father, Ralph, a retired science teacher from Hampton Bays High, was Martuscello's swim coach in a recreational youth program. Also, Hubbard's mother, Holly, was her health and gym teacher at Westampton Beach Middle School.

    "People really care about each other in this town, even though you don't talk to each other every day," Martuscello said. "It's a support system you don't find anymore."


    According to Town of Oyster Bay spokesperson Marta Kane, town roads was of this morning. At 5 p.m. Wednesday,  sanding trucks will go out again looking for any icy spots and treat accordingly. Also tonight, the town will be hauling away the snow which was stockpiled in commuter lots Tuesday night. As of Wednesday afternoon the town has no reports of outages, water main breaks or road closures.

    Photo credit: James Carbone | Plows clear away snow on the eastbound Long Island Expressway near Exit 55 in Brentwood. (Jan. 22, 2014) 


    Wednesday afternoon was devoid of the usual buzz at the Sweet Hollow Diner.

    The Melville spot, bordering a corporate hub, is usually ripe for networking. But after a snowstorm, the lunch crowd was thin, a manager said.

    "Breakfast was completely non-existent. It's been kind of quiet," said Chris Arvans, 47, whose father started the diner in 1977. "I don't think a lot of people went to work."

    The post-snowstorm lull is a departure from previous years, he said. "People were stopping to have something to eat," Arvans recalled. With alerts advising commuters to avoid travel, Arvans said, "people are just trying to get from Point A to Point B."

    Arvans said he worries a harsh winter is in store. For business, he said, "it could be tough." -- SCOTT EIDLER


    Photo credit: Randee Daddona | Javier Rodriguez of Flanders takes a break from clearing snow on Main Road in Southold. (Jan. 22, 2014) 

    Clean-up crews in the Town of Islip worked overnight to make one full pass by midnight with plows on all streets in an attempt to clean up the roads for the morning commute.

    Now, with temperatures dropping into the single digits -- along with up to 30 mph winds that make the outside air feel like -14 degrees -- the town is focused on salting and sanding the roadways to prevent dangerous icing.

    "Since we're not having any more additional accumulation, we're putting down a mixture of salt and sand on the roads," Town Councilman Anthony Senft said. "We're now out doing our second pass that will actually clean things up more. We actually go curb to curb to widen the street as much as possible."

    There have been no power outages, motor vehicle accidents, or downed trees reported to the town, according to Senft.

    "We've been very fortunate," Senft said. "The most difficult thing we have to deal with now is the extreme cold."
    Parking restrictions are still in effect in Islip throughout Wednesday as crews continue to clean the street. Residents are urged to keep their cars off the streets on emergency routes and to "adopt a hydrant" and clear snow away from fire hydrants near their homes in case of emergency. -SARAH ARMAGHAN


    The Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma saw the most snowfall within the Town of Islip at 11.2", according to Inez Birbiglia, spokeswoman for Islip. All flights had been stopped at 3:15 p.m. yesterday as crews cleared the snow and prepared for flights to begin again. The first scheduled incoming flight is at 11:05 a.m. from Baltimore and the first departing flight is scheduled for 11:35 a.m. to Orlando. - SARAH ARMAGHAN


    Babylon Town Supervisor Richard Schaffer said crews worked through the night to clear roads, but had to overcome two obstacles.  

    "They have been dealing with the wind, which is blowing snow back on roads, and ineffectiveness of salt in this weather--it doesn't really work when temperatures are this low," Schaffer said.

    The main roads are clear and secondary roads have been passed through at least once with some roads more than once, depending on location, he said. Crews are now working on dead ends and cul de sacs, plus pushing back snow that people throw in the street as they start to dig out.

    According to Schaffer, the town did not receive any reports of flooding. -DENISE BONILLA


    Photo credit: James Carbone | Plows clear away snow on the eastbound Long Island Expressway near Exit 55 in Brentwood. (Jan. 22, 2014) 

    Smithtown Highway Superintendent Glenn Jorgensen said the biggest challenge of the snowstorm was plowing the same areas multiple times.

    "Each of my trucks were assigned areas and they had to plow it four times," he said. "The problem is the snow comes over the plow and you just have to be cautious and go."

    Jorgensen said he deployed about 100 town vehicles and roughly 60 private trucks to battle the snow, which piled 12 inches in Smithtown, and clear all of Smithtown's 480 miles of road. 
    "One of my guys plowed 200 miles of road last night and today," he said.

    Putting salt and sand down earlier in the day aided with the plowing efforts, which started at 3 a.m., he said.

    "After 7 a.m. this morning ,we were in good shape because it stopped snowing, and my trucks caught up and the roads were all passable." -- LAUREN R. HARRISON 


    Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello said the city's snow removal efforts consisted of 42 men, who were out working all night with 21 pieces of equipment and 600 tons of salt and sand.

    "The city is 100 percent plowed, curb to curb," he said. "We cleaned up the municipal parking lots, and the three LIRR parking lots the city is responsible to plow.”  


    North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth said she spent Wednesday morning meeting with operators of the town's 311 call center and surveying the roads in the town.
    Most of the calls to the town's call center overnight were calls diverted from New York City, Bosworth said.

    She said town plows have been on the roads all night, trying to scrape enough snow off the roads to get to the blacktop.

    "It's hard to get down to the asphalt just because of the frigid temperatures," Bosworth said.

    Town crews are now looking ahead to Wednesday evening's commute, trying to get any slush on the roads pushed to the side, "so when the sun goes down and there are people traveling, we're not left with a layer of ice," she said. - JENNIFER BARRIOS


    Hempstead Town spokesman Michael Deery said salt spreaders and snow plows have been on the streets since early Tuesday morning and working around the clock to clear about 1,200 miles of town roadways.

    "By the time the snow started falling, all of our roads were treated," Deery said. "That was a key factor."

    The storm ending early this morning allowed crews to work through the night to clear roads and get ready for the morning rush, Deery said.

    "The roads are very passable," Deery said. "We are tending to manicuring the roads with second and third passes. Also attending to dead ends and cul-de-sacs that take more work. We have to send in payloaders."-AISHA AL-MUSLIM 

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  • Weather updates:

    Here's the current forecast for Long Island, as of 7 p.m.:
    Photo credit: Weather Underground   
    Temperatures are dropping on Long Island, and we could see windchill factors as cold as -20. More

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  • Long Island/NYC snow photos:

    See more photos

    Happyjack enjoying the snow! #lisnow
    by karenm774 via
    Ice contains no future , just the past, sealed away. As if they're alive, everything in the world is sealed up inside, clear and distinct. Ice can preserve all kinds of things that way- cleanly, clearly. That's the essence of ice, the role it plays.
    -Haruki Murakami
    by J via
    Ventured out in the snow to grab some #vegan #noms from 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale! #LIsnow
    by LI Orchestrating For Nature via
    Winter Marathon Training- strap kids into sleds and drag them behind you. Wow, what a workout! #marathon #training #snow #snowday #lisnow #cold
    by Stefana Muller via
    Frozen Louie. #cold #snow #winter #lisnow
    by Alejandra Villa via
    Layla the puppy's first snow. Photo credit: Mary Glennon Pullis
    #WINTER ❄️❄️❄️ #longisland #newyork #snow #lisnow #newsday #ny #nybynewyorkers #cold #ilovenewyork #webstapick #beautiful #white #peaceful #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #all_shots #swag #nofilter #latergram #likeforfollow #followforfollow #followme #myview #20likes #100likes #january #sky_masters #photooftheday
    by Heather Glass via
    #lisnow #hubbystuckatwork #snowedinwatchingnetflix
    by lis410 via
    #lisnow #pupsplayinginsnow
    by lis410 via
    awkward snow pictures ❄️❤️⛄️ // 01. 20. 14
    by jalena via
    by winoj via
    An (arctic) blast from the past.
    This is what the #longislandrailroad looked like back in the #1930s, when a #blizzard brought service to a halt in New Hyde Park. #longisland #snow #lisnow #lirr #history
    by Newsday via
    A worker at an apartment complex on Long Island clears pathways for residents just after midnight Wednesday. #winter2014 #winterwonderland #lisnow #weather
    by guagua_girl via
    #snow #LIsnow ❄️
    by Alyssa Melillo via
    Peaking through the ice on my windshield this morning at about 630 #lisnow #longisland
    by bcass87 via
    Remember: if you are cold, so are they! Bring your companions inside! #LIsnow
    by LI Orchestrating For Nature via
    My snow angel!! #floridagirl #lisnow ❄️❄️😜👼
    by Presley Gissendanner via
    Westbound Southern State is desolate on the commute home #lisnow
    by bcass87 via
    I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.
    -Lewis Carroll
    by J via
    Hawk spotted in East Meadow during snowstorm. Photo credit: Diana Gelsomino
    Nicolo Chiseli, an employee at J&G Deli and Meat Market in copiague, plows the storefront and surrounding area. @newsday @cnn @abcnews @nbcnews
    by Johnny Milano via
    A commuter waits for the bus in Rockville Centre. #lisnow
    by Alejandra Villa via
    #yellowlab #lisnow #stick!
    by mylobaby via
    #lisnow #snow #newsday #photooftheday #bestoftheday #cold
    by Alejandra Villa via
    Now that's irony: Staring at a plug for tires for 20 minutes while sliding through a snowstorm. #lisnow
    by Josh Stewart via
    #lisnow #newsday #snow #photooftheday #ny #weather
    by Alejandra Villa via
    #lolathepoodle #LISnow #blizzard2014 #twocoats #ghettosnowsuit #plasticsewnin #dogsofinstagram #igers #dogs
    by grayce o via
    Stunning sunrise from @newsday's offices ahead of a major winter storm. #LISnow
    by Meghan G. via
    Here we go. #LISnow
    by alisonbernicker via
    Vehicles are slowly moving along Montauk Highway in Bayport as the snow begins to fall. #LIsnow
    by Eileen Holliday via
    #lisnow #newsday #snow
    by Alejandra Villa via
    Eating #snow at CA Daycare! So funny, the kids had a blast!. #snowday #goinghome #schoolclosing #lisnow #lifeatca
    by Stefana Muller via
    #lisnow #newsday
    by Alejandra Villa via
    #lisnow #newsday #snow
    by Alejandra Villa via
    Patricia Schreck of Seaford waits for the train at Rockville Centre. #lisnow #snow #newsday
    by Alejandra Villa via
    Farewell again, snowy @newsday. #LIsnow #LongIsland ❄️
    by Kate Sherwood via
    #lisnow #newsday #snow
    by Alejandra Villa via
    Pigeon in flight under the stairs in the snow in the town of Patchogue.
    #PatchogueianPigeon #LIsnow
    #LongIsland #snow #winter
    by Louis Mazzei via
    Snow storm on Long Island.
    by Chris Ware via
    Be safe out there guys! Those roads are NO fun. #lisnow
    by Karen Ruffini via
    Trying to get on the LIE and it looks like the plows and salt trucks are lining up. #lie #janus #longisland #LIsnow
    by Rick Montero via
    LI East at Exit 42. Nasty! #LISnow
    by Josh Stewart via

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  • #lisnow #newsday #longisland #newyork #winter #february #winterwonderland #beautiful #peaceful #sopretty #20likes #50likes #cars #yellow #pretty #landscape #webstagram #webstapick #igers #all_shots #latergram #nofilter #nomnomnom #skyporn @treeworld #liny #nybynewyorkers #wow #weather #cold #freezing
    by Heather Glass via
    Don't be afraid to leave your own footprints. #peaceful #snow #explore #twinlakes #LIsnow
    by Sara Kulins via

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  • Traffic and transit:

    Photo credit: Google, Department of Transportation 

    - In Union: An accident is blocking the shoulder on The Garden State Pkwy SB before X141/Vauxhall Rd. Stop and go traffic from X143/Lyons Ave in Essex

    - In Amityville: Use caution on The Southern St Pkwy EB between Rt-110/X32 and Rt-109/X33 because of a disabled vehicle. 

    - In Nassau: There is disabled vehicle blocking the left lane on Meadowbrook Pkwy NB between Old Country Rd/M1 and The Northern State Pkwy 

    - In Queens: An accident has been cleared on Belt Pkwy EB at Farmers Blvd/X21b. Slow traffic from 150th St/x20 (EB)

    - In the Bronx: The off-ramp is blocked on I-87 (Deegan/Thruway) NB at 179th St/x8 (NB). Stopped traffic from Cross Bronx/GWB Ramps/x7

    - In NYC: These is a road closure on Broadway/Lower Manhattan SB between Liberty Street and before Wall Street in New York

    Car stranded in Melville. #LongIsland #LISnow
    by Patrick Whittle via Instagram

    LIRR updates:

    From MTA Spokeswoman Meredith Daniels:

    - Off peak fares (you can buy tickets on the train with no penalty)
    - Trains running on a weekend schedule
    - Waiting rooms are open
    - No issues with parking lots

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