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Loch Ness Monster spotted on Apple Maps? Live

The photo seemed to confirm for the believers that the monster is alive and well:

Others were less believing, suggesting the image could all be a publicity stunt to draw attention to Apple's competitor to the popular Google Maps:

Though some offered their counterarguments:

Apple maps can't even find the right street half the time... expecting it to find the loch ness monster is a bit of a stretch...
Has Apple maps found the Loch Ness Monster?Ian Blythvia Facebook at 12:44 PM

And, as is always the case with reported sightings of "Nellie", skeptics and speculators offered alternative explanations, or simply poked fun at the believers:

Looks like a big fish to me.
Loch Ness Monster Found on Satellite ImageDavid Norris Smith Jrvia Facebook at 3:50 PM

After years and years of expensive expeditions... A smudge on Apple maps PROVES Nessie's existence.
BREAKING NEWS: Loch Ness Monster Found?Caley Dorrellvia Facebook at 12:47 PM

Damn, people are stupid. In the comments, someone posted a picture of a boat creating wake that looks EXACTLY like this "monster". And where'd the long neck go?
Nessie Diehards Claim Apple Maps Shows the Loch Ness MonsterLiz Merryvia Facebook at 12:46 PM


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