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2-4 Nets still not close to being in sync Live

Kevin Garnett looks on during the second half of a game against the Indiana Pacers at the Barclays Center. (Nov. 9, 2013) Photo credit: Getty Images
by Casey Musarra


Head bowed, Kevin Garnett was deciphering the Nets’ latest defeat and explaining their deficiencies when he dropped one of his Garnett-isms.

“Just because you have patience,” he said after Saturday’s 96-91 loss to the Pacers, “doesn’t mean you don’t get frustrated.”

While losing three of their last four games, the Nets’ plight has become rather obvious: This thing is going to take some time to work the way they hope and anticipate. As nice as it would be for the process to be accelerated, making them appear as if they’d been a unit for years, there are many situations and issues the Nets (2-4) need to iron out.

Just take a gander at their fourth-quarter foibles against the Pacers. They threw the ball away six times in a game that came down to the closing moments. Twenty-four of their 36 turnovers in the last two games have come after halftime.

“We are still getting to know one another on both ends of the court,” Paul Pierce said. “It’s the little things that are hurting us. The offensive rebounds, turnovers late.’’

Pierce is especially perturbed about the Nets’ many offensive fouls while running set plays.

“Like [Saturday], we had about three or four possessions where it was the screens,” he said. “I think we are rushing things. Everybody wants to win so bad, but we can’t get frustrated. We’ve got to start together and we will figure this thing out.

Maybe they can begin by pinpointing the reason for their third-quarter woes. Lethargic play immediately after halftime has cost them dearly. In the last three defeats, they were outscored 81-57 in the third.

“It just seems like we are having lapses in the third quarter,” Garnett said. “I’m putting the onus on myself. I didn’t think I made really good decisions [Saturday] when it counted.’’

Although the Nets are 0-3 on the road, Pierce thinks this week’s swing through Sacramento, Phoenix and Los Angeles (Clippers) could help them jell. “We’re still experimenting with different lineups,’’ he said. “So once we get down to a lineup where we feel it can close games out, I think the chemistry will definitely develop.

“Maybe going out west will be good for us. Sometimes they say when you take a trip, guys are all together, you seem to come together. I’ve been on a lot of teams where we’ve done that.

Said Deron Williams: “We’ve got to come together soon. Hopefully, this trip will be very productive for us.


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