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Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and challenger Thomas Suozzi cast their ballots on Election Day. Photo credit: Howard Schnapp
by Erin Geismar

From high-profile races to local town and city contests, it's a busy Election Day on Long Island and has you covered. Follow the latest live coverage at


Scroll below to see early-morning updates from around the Island.

In Sayville, February blizzard on the mind at the polls

Vito Graziano, 70, of Sayville has a simple formula for deciding who to vote in and who to vote out: “They’re full of promises until they get in, and when they get in they don’t do their job. So whoever said they were going to do something last time and didn’t do it, out they go, as far as I’m concerned.

Graziano said he’s not happy with the current governing of Islip — he cited the lack of plowing of the snow during February’s blizzard, a 28 percent tax hike, and what he called a lack of cleaning the streets and repairing the roads as major concerns.

Statewide, Graziano said he approved of limits on judge’s ages and agreed with having casinos in the state.

“We’re letting too much money to go to Jersey and Pennsylvania,” he said. “Keep it here.


O heck yeah, I voted! #IslandVote
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Voters turnout Tuesday morning at Center Moriches High School. (Nov. 5, 2013) Photo by James Carbone #islandvote
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Enthusiasm over casinos

William Schock, 67, of Central Islip said he voted the Independence ticket this time around. In Islip races, that meant his votes went to incumbent town board members Trish Bergin Weichbrodt and Steven Flotteron, also both endorsed by the Republican and Conservative lines.

Schock was most enthusiastic about voting “yes” on the casino referendum.

“Basically I’m hoping they’re thinking of putting them upstate … It could bring back what the Catskills used to be,” Schock said. “You have to build these things, you have to staff them … Those are good paying jobs.” — CANDICE RUUD

My family and I voted this morning! Please #vote Mark Cuthbertson for #Huntington Town Council! #electionday #islandvote
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A vote each for two Suozzis in Glen Cove

Ken Woods, 47, voted for the Suozzis. Tom for Nassau County Executive, Ralph for Glen Cove Mayor.

On Ralph: “I think he has done a good job.

On Tom: “He did a good job when he was in there … I haven’t seen Mangano do much of anything.


In Plainview, concern over school taxes and casinos:

Natasha Varrichio, 46, of Plainview, said the most important issue for her is taxes, especially school taxes.

"Taxes got increased . . . It is killing us," she said Tuesday morning at Howard B. Mattlin Middle School in Plainview.

Varrichio said she voted for Suozzi for executive, saying that she feels borrowing money to not raise taxes "is not the answer."

Steven Lansky, 68, of Plainview, said the No. 1 issue that brought him out was the casino proposition, Proposition 1, which he voted for. “New York State, especially upstate, is hurting badly and it isn’t getting better.

Lansky said he also came out because he wanted to vote “straight across the Independence line.” He also voted for Mangano.   –MACKENZIE ISSLER

At Tackan Elementary School in Nesconset, voters chime in on both sides of the Smithtown supervisor race:

Irene Zeltmann, 57, voted for Robert Creighton, saying it is time to get rid of the “dead wood” and bring some new life to the position.

Zeltmann called the town’s appearance horrible, with empty buildings in the business district. “It needs to be spruced up.

“I drive through other towns and they’re just so pretty and alive and vibrant,” she said. “And Smithtown isn't - and I think it's time for Vecchio to retire."

She said she hopes Creighton will bring businesses to Smithtown and breathe some life into its downtowns.

Joseph Brigandi said he voted straight Republican. A registered conservative, he said he likes what the Republicans have been doing townwide and hopes to see it continue. He also said he likes what he’s seen from longtime Supervisor Patrick Vecchio.

“He's been doing a good job compared to most politicians,” Brigandi, 66, said. “Smithtown is stable, the taxes are stable, the debt is stable. There's nothing outrageous.

Brigandi, of Nesconset, said he’s lived in the town since the 1970s and has always approved of the job Vecchio has done. “He seems to have it under control, people like him and he does the job, and that’s what you need.” --CANDICE RUUD

Candidate for Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi interviewed outside a polling place on Election Day #islandvote
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Suffolk Legis. Kate Browning, with son Aodhan Browning, 18, who voted for the first time today. Browning is running for reelection. #islandvote
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Candidate for Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi offers up a resource:

by hns1969 via Instagram on 7:43 AM

by hns1969 via Instagram on 7:15 AM

Before you head to the polls today, brush up on your candidate knowledge with our comprehensive voters guide:


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